What is Offering Support?

Adapting to what residents need in the moment is an important way you can Offer Support.

Offering Support is asking and communicating with residents about what you plan to do, even if they can’t respond with words.

Remember, the amount of help a resident wants or needs may change from day to day.

What does Offering Support look like?

In this video, Sara knows what she needs. How would you Offer Support to her?

This video has no sound.

How can you Offer Support?

  • Not overdoing it: supporting only 1-2 residents at a time with eating

  • Asking if support is needed before doing something with or for residents

  • Offering encouragement

  • Communicating in words with residents even when they cannot respond with words

  • Taking note of day-to-day differences in what each person needs

  • Saying “May I offer you (something)?”

  • Offering choices slowly

  • Describing food choices clearly

  • Showing patience

  • Responding to body language or non-verbal cues

  • Making eye contact with residents when talking with or assisting them

  • Asking what kind of support is needed or wanted, instead of assuming that you already know

  • Supporting residents to eat on their own

  • Informing residents of what they are eating when assisting them

Offering Support Self-Assessment

This is optional.  If you submit your responses, this information is anonymous and will only be used by the CHOICE+ team to inform educational programming. If you do not wish to submit your responses, simply select the next module from the navigation in the top right.