What is Identity?

Identity is about recognizing that each resident is unique.

Residents express who they are through the things they like and the things they need.

The key is to provide them with choice and options.

What does Identity look like?

In this video, each resident’s Identity shows up in what they like to eat, and where they like to sit.  What makes this possible?

This video has no sound.

How can you pay attention to Identity?

  • Learning the details of a person’s life

  • Asking family members about residents’ preferences

  • Looking for compromises instead of saying “no”

  • Letting my eyes light up when I see residents

  • Offering different choices of where to eat

  • Asking residents what their preferences are

  • Making sure favourite food choices are on hand

  • Asking residents to tell me more about their preferences

  • Greeting residents by their name

  • Asking whether food is the right temperature

  • Reminding residents of their personal strengths

  • Supporting residents’ uniqueness when I notice it

  • Saying, “One of the things that makes you special is…”

  • Offering choices for all aspects of the meal (e.g., seating arrangement and time of meal)

Identity Self-Assessment