What is Honouring Dignity?

Honouring Dignity is about respecting residents’ decisions, choices, and actions.

Residents are adults, and they feel respected when we treat them that way.

This is especially true when they make mistakes – like we all do.

What does Honouring Dignity look like?

In this video, Lucy has spilled some food.  She may feel uncomfortable about it – perhaps even embarrassed.  How should we respond to this?

This video has no sound.

How can you Honour Dignity?

  • Maintaining confidentiality

  • Sitting down with residents

  • Using a napkin to gently clean residents’ faces

  • Asking permission before you do something with or for residents (e.g., putting on a clothing protector)

  • Speaking discreetly with team members about residents’ needs

  • Allowing residents to finish speaking (not interrupting)

  • Using courteous language like “please” and “thank you”

  • Respecting residents’ food preferences

  • Honouring residents’ seating preferences

  • Accepting the way a resident feels in the moment

  • Genuinely listening to what residents have to say

  • Respecting individual differences in how long it takes to eat

  • Accepting residents’ refusal for help

  • Placing what residents need for eating on the table so that they have control

  • Taking the time to understand what residents need

  • Treating residents with respect

  • Using residents’ preferred name

Honouring Dignity Self-Assessment

This is optional.  If you submit your responses, this information is anonymous and will only be used by the CHOICE+ team to inform educational programming. If you do not wish to submit your responses, simply select the next module from the navigation in the top right.