What is Enjoyment?

Mealtimes can sometimes be rushed or chaotic, which could make them unenjoyable for residents.

Mealtimes provide a time for us to come together to be and eat with others which is often a highlight of our day.

Creating a welcoming, relaxed and friendly environment can lead to more Enjoyment.

What does Enjoyment look like?

In this video, team members and residents together change up the mealtime experience to create more Enjoyment for everyone.  What changes to the mealtime experience make it more enjoyable?

This video has no sound.

How can you create Enjoyment?

  • Playing music

  • Turning off the television

  • Reducing unpleasant noises (e.g., dishes scraping)

  • Walking and moving calmly

  • Adding decorations or table toppers

  • Reducing chaos

  • Adding garnishes to food

  • Adjusting the lighting in the dining room

  • Making positive comments about the food and mealtime experience

  • Asking residents what would make the mealtime more enjoyable right now

  • Slowing down and enjoying your time with residents

  • Making sure food is the right temperature

  • Putting condiments on every table

Creating Enjoyment Self Assessment

This is optional.  If you submit your responses, this information is anonymous and will only be used by the CHOICE+ team to inform educational programming. If you do not wish to submit your responses, simply select the next module from the navigation in the top right.