What is Creating Opportunities?

Having meaningful roles and a sense of purpose is important to each of us.

For residents, mealtimes are a great place to Create meaningful Opportunities.

Just ask residents if they’d like to do something they enjoy or are interested in.

What does Creating Opportunities look like?

In this video, Mrs. Orkin and Harold are invited to share their knowledge and skills to make the mealtime even more enjoyable.  How does this invitation change their sense of purpose?

This video has no sound.

How can you Create Opportunities?

  • Involving residents in table setting

  • Planning a theme night

  • Planning a fun activity during mealtime

  • Encouraging residents to play music

  • Inviting residents to help pour drinks

  • Inviting residents to fold napkins

  • Asking residents whether they would like to participate in an activity you are doing

  • Asking residents to share recipes

  • Inviting residents to taste test food

  • Breaking a routine and making today different for a resident

  • Involving family members in mealtime

  • Inviting residents to share their talents during mealtimes (e.g., playing piano)

Creating Opportunities Self-Assessment

This is optional.  If you submit your responses, this information is anonymous and will only be used by the CHOICE+ team to inform educational programming. If you do not wish to submit your responses, simply select the next module from the navigation in the top right.