What is Connecting?

Connecting with residents improves their mealtime experience.

It only takes a moment and it improves food intake, health and quality of life.

Connecting is feeling a sense of togetherness and belonging with others.

When residents feel included and welcome, Connecting is easy.

What does Connecting look like?

In this video, George reaches out to team members during a meal. Something is making his mealtime unpleasant. What does he need? How does Sue, the personal support worker, Connect with him?

This video has no sound.

How can you Connect?

  • Sitting down with residents

  • Giving residents your full attention

  • Making eye contact with residents

  • Asking residents questions

  • Smiling

  • Being emotionally present

  • Explaining what you are going to do before you do it

  • Looking for shared experiences and interests

  • Greeting residents by their name

  • Allowing residents to sit for as long as they need

  • Using a light touch with residents

  • Introducing people to one another

Connection Self-Assessment

This is optional.  If you submit your responses, this information is anonymous and will only be used by the CHOICE+ team to inform educational programming. If you do not wish to submit your responses, simply select the next module from the navigation in the top right.